Who is Robb?

My name is Robert, but people in Poland know me as „Robb” since all my travelbooks have my nickname on the covers. By „all” I mean 5, mostly about cycling to Iran, India, China, Syria, Pakistan etc.

I was born in 1974 in Wrocław, Poland and if I travel I don’t really care where and how. All I belive about traveling is who do I meet and what can I learn from this encounters as well as what THEY can learn from it as well. Every travel should be win-win for all of us.

I write, I take photographs and humans are my beloved subject. I don’t blog – I’m too lazy and … well, there are already too many blogs and only few worth reading.

Polish National Geographic was kind enough to give me two awards. One for my cycling trip in China (2004) and one for a Travel Book of The Year 2012 for book about Silk Road.

If I don’t write or travel I teach kids about differnt cultures, traditions and religions. Since Poland is far far away from bein multiculti I have a lot of work 😉

I guide tourist in Iran and India. Not very often but I love it.